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Advent schools storm the men’s and women’s Final Fours

David Fox
David Fox
April 3, 2017

Some schools are Nike schools. Some are Under Armour schools. Some are adidas schools. Around here, we like to say some schools are Advent schools. That doesn’t make picking an NCAA Tournament bracket any easier. Lucky for Advent in 2017, we were going to root for just about any team to emerge from the Final Four as champions. Of the eight teams in the men’s and women’s Final Fours, Advent partnered with six of them, including both champions, North Carolina and South Carolina, and both runners-up, Gonzaga and Mississippi State. More than that, designs for the Tar Heels and Gamecocks were installed just prior to this season. Here’s a look at Advent’s work with the 2017 men’s and women’s Final Four programs:

North Carolina men’s basketball
South Carolina men’s and women’s basketball

Mississippi State women’s basketball

Gonzaga men’s basketball

Stanford women’s basketball

David Fox
David Fox
Content Manager & Lead Copywriter