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Advent Team Tabs 5 of Their Colleagues as Mantra Medallion Recipients

David Fox
David Fox
December 26, 2018

At Advent, each team relies on every other department. None of Advent’s work can come together without design, fabrication, operations, project management and client relations working in concert. In that way, no one knows Advent’s team members quite like their colleagues who work with them every day to design experiences that move people. At the end of every year, Advent’s employees select their colleagues that best exemplify the core values — the mantras — of the team. At this year’s Christmas party, we recognized five employees who uphold, represent and model the 11 key mantras of Advent. These are the five selected by their colleagues to be recognized publicly with Advent’s Mantra Medallions along with comments from their teammates.

Fabrication Team Clayton Lainhart, Estimator/Vendor Relations
“Clayton is such a valuable asset to the Fabrication team. It is truly impressive how much he knows and the great ideas/vendors he searches out to differentiate us from our competitors. He isn’t afraid to step into a project engineer role when it is needed and his amazing leadership in that way is inspiring and respected.” “Clayton is just the man. He knows everything about everything. Everyone wants him on their jobs because that is just how good he is at what he does. The clients LOVE him and respect his advice and opinions.” “I have enjoyed being able to watch him from afar and learn from him without him probably even noticing. He is the first to tell bad news fast and come up with a game plan to tackle it. Clayton is respected by his teammates and his clients when things came up that maybe could have caused a lot of tension. He is willing to help any teammate out even when he is extremely busy. I am honored to work alongside Clayton.”

Design Team Seth Maddox, Associate Design Director
“Seth has truly been a star performer at Advent. His spirit might be the most respectful and humble of anyone, and yet his design abilities could be boasted as some of the best. A true delight to interact with.” “Seth has embraced a leadership role with drive, heart and determination. He’s focused on being better every day and improving his peers — in and out of design.” “Seth is truly awesome at absolutely everything he touches. His designs are flawless and innovative, the clients love him, everyone at Advent loves and respects him, he clearly listens to what the client wants and always delivers above their expectations. And he is just an all-around great person at work and outside of work.”

Strategic Advisors/Client Relations Team Kyle Mayes, Client Relations Specialist
“Kyle has always been one of the most readily available to hear out all sides. He is understanding of different situations and is willing to work with you and with a client to come to an end-all mutual agreement. … I respect him as a co-worker and as a friend. His positive attitude is 100 percent known to everyone who is around him.” “In a stellar client relations group, Kyle stands out with his attention to both clients and internal team members, delivering quick feedback, thinking ahead and always making himself available for questions or to help solve problems.”

Operations Team Rick Myers, Brand and Marketing Director
“The man, the myth, the legend. I don’t think anyone truly understands how much Rick does for our company. I have had the pleasure of sitting near Rick this year. He constantly is helping someone out whether that is sales, marketing, the exec team, design or fabrication.” “Rick is a machine, always makes time for you to meet deadlines, gets it done with a smile and is incredibly talented at what he does.” “I know that probably more than anyone at Advent, if there was ever anything that anyone needed, Rick would be the first one there to help out. His ‘team’ spirit is strong and I think he is very much deserving of this award.”

Project Management Team Maureen Roberts, Project Manager
“With willingness, she stepped into a new role and new challenge this year. She has the energy to get things right and an insatiable desire to improve our processes. She clarifies our running lanes and somehow still finds time to help her teammates with their work.” “Mo is rock star! The way she works and handles all of her projects is truly inspiring. She is efficient and is constantly making sure everything is perfect for her projects. With a heavy workload and the transition into the new role, she has done an amazing job.” “I have told her before, but I think she might be a superhero.”

David Fox
David Fox
Content Manager & Lead Copywriter