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Advent Team Tabs 6 of Their Colleagues as Mantra Medallion Winners

David Fox
David Fox
December 14, 2017

At Advent, each team relies on every other department. None of Advent’s work can come together without design, fabrication, operations, project management and client relations working in concert. In that way, no one knows Advent’s team members quite like their colleagues who work with them every day to create experiences that move people. At the end of every year, Advent’s employees select their colleagues that best exemplify the core values — the mantras — of the team. At this year’s Christmas party, we recognized six employees who uphold, represent and model the 11 key mantras of Advent. These are the five selected by their colleagues to be recognized publicly with Advent’s Mantra Medallions along with comments from their teammates.

Fabrication Team Justin Brevard, Project Engineer

“JB is a boss. He has played many roles in his short time at Advent, and has excelled at all of them. He is always positive, and never turns down a request. He is reliable and constantly learning. I admire his ability to apply his experiential knowledge almost immediately, and his drive to do it better next time.” “Justin is a can-do personality, which is perfect for all the challenges and changes that come down the line in Fab. He has the ability to get results while remaining friendly which is key to the Advent personality.”

Design Team Wes Buchanan, Core Director

“Wes Buchanan is a selfless and solid worker. He has positively influenced Advent across most departments for years and it is no surprise that he has become the ‘go-to guy’ for anyone in the company. Wes can be summed up into the eternal words of Vanilla Ice, ‘If there was a problem, Yo, I’ll solve it.'” “Wes knows everything there is to know about what we do. You can count on him for literally anything. A great man and leader.” “Wes Buchanan shows his dedication to Advent every day, he can wear multiple hats. Just give this guy a challenge and watch him figure it out.”

Strategic Advisors/Client Relations Team Lauren Caballero, Client Relations Specialist

“Lauren is always full-speed ahead and a great burst of energy on any project. She’s always trying to learn, improve and get better—she gives and receives direct feedback.” “Cabs is not only a delight to work with, but she’s always looking for ways to improve our interactions with clients and the services we provide. She’s professional, she goes to people for help and she respects Advent’s teams.” “Her professionalism and attitude exemplify Advent. The impression I get every time I interact with Lauren is that she makes those around her better.”

Operations Team Traci Miller, Design Coordinator

“I’m pretty positive Traci’s middle name is ‘Support’. You name it, Traci has probably done it. She is hard-working, eager to figure an issue out and will go the extra mile to get it done, no matter what it takes.” “Traci is a production machine. She manages a lot of responsibilities and requests and does it with a smile on her face. She is always willing to pitch in to help out, even if it involves something that wouldn’t normally be her job.”

Project Management Team Rebecca Tracy, Project Manager

“Rebecca is a gem! She has the perfect balance of guarding her team and wowing her clients. She has earned the respect of the team by proving herself to them. I’ve never heard a bad thing about Rebecca and that shows her character and her work ethic.” “Rebecca is a shining light within the firm. She is on top of her game and helps others whenever she can. She’s thorough, knows her stuff, works hard and is so very kind.” “Rebecca brings a great deal of competence and professionalism to Advent as well as seemingly endless bandwidth. She is always prepared, brings humor and business to meetings and has stood out in the short time she has been with Advent. Big kudos!”

Design Team Dustin Waltke, Visioneer

“Dustin Waltke is an extremely talented designer. He can knock out amazing designs quickly and never goes at it with a negative outlook. He has an amazing work ethic and is a true joy to work with.” “Dustin is one of the most talented, thoughtful and well-rounded of anyone that works in the design department. He can lead designers, follow others in lead roles and always brings a steady, humble and highly creative voice to every project he works on. He is also constantly trying to improve himself and his skill set.”

David Fox
David Fox
Content Manager & Lead Copywriter