Schottenstein Center

Gear Wall - (Qty. 2) Laminated headers with integrated puck lighting. (Qty. 2) Laminated bases with step-up for mannequins. (Qty. 2) Powdercoated red aluminum panels bent to create back and top of platforms. 3/4' thick frosted acrylic facelit Nike and Lebron James logos, approx. 1'6'w. 1/2' thick painted white acrylic letters “Men’s Gameday Gear” “Women’s Gameday Gear” 4't. Actual gear and Nike mannequins provided by OSU. ,700
Schottenstein Center Ohio State University Welcome Home Play video How we helped Digital Experience Visual Storytelling Recruiting Social Media Moments Design Historical Recognition StoryMining Scroll To Explore Project Description The updated basketball corridor in the Schottenstein Center at The Ohio State University makes a powerful statement to recruits and student-athletes alike. Beginning with a large… Continue reading Schottenstein Center