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Coastal Carolina Baseball Capitalizes on 2016 Championship with Invigorated Spaces

Cole Meador
April 12, 2017

Amid some of the best SEC and ACC baseball programs, Coastal Carolina rose from the Big South Conference to win the College World Series in 2016, the first Division I baseball championship for the program. To capitalize on that success, a move to the Sun Belt and a recently renovated baseball stadium, the Chanticleers partnered with Advent to upgrade their branding, entice recruits and tell the story of the program. Advent’s Mark Dowell led design on the project, which included an updated locker room, a players’ lounge and an “Omaha room,” one of the facilities featured spaces. Here, he discusses the updates that will help the Chanticleers stand out in their conference and how Advent incorporated Coastal Carolina’s signature teal color into their designs. “Coastal Carolina wanted the designs to be gritty like most baseball programs do, but they have a bold teal color, which they really love. They were not afraid to use the teal. A lot of programs with bold colors want to tone it down. Coastal Carolina wanted to show it off. They love it and wanted us to use it everywhere.”

“One of the featured spaces was the ‘Omaha Room.’ They wanted this whole room to focus on the 2016 season and winning the national championship. We wanted to spread it across all the walls with the trophy as the centerpiece so they could make their final pitch in front of the trophy, so they could say if you come here, you can win a national championship. We showed the road to the national championship, every game during the postseason and the box score, the path to winning it all. We created a backlit logo to frame the trophy, so when people take a picture, they know who the trophy was for.”

“This display has baseballs that represent every game of the 2016 championship season with wins in gold and losses in black. We originally were going to print directly to the baseball. We couldn’t find a good way to do that because the print would have been too small. We reworked this to painting the balls with spray paint, which turned out really well. We problem-solved by putting a backer on it and the score below it. This was also another area in which we brought in Coastal Carolina’s bold teal colors. It makes the baseballs really pop.”

“This is the call from their radio announcer when they won the national championship, so it freezes the moment in time when they won the national championship.”

“The players’ lounge and locker room were spaces we wanted to highlight the past and the present of the Chanticleers’ program. They wanted to tell the story of their past so new players can see what they can achieve. We have a draft board, All-Americans board, conference player of the year board and players who have played in international competition. There’s a lot of history in this space. We also did a display of jerseys. We incorporated a lot of teal into the players’ lounge and locker room.”

“In the concourse, we did a lot of fence graphics, a history display of their big moments. In the VIP entrance, we wanted to show how they’ve gone from being a small school to starting to win big to the national championship. We showed the road to the national championship, every game during the postseason and the box score, the path to winning it all.”

“In the initial concepts we had this as acrylic letters, but to fit Coastal Carolina’s gritty design scheme, we did some sintra letters here. They had a finish to them that wasn’t quite as polished as acrylic, but they were going for that grittier look and it turned out perfectly.” Advent has also incorporated bold colors into programs like Tulane basketball and Kentucky baseball.

Cole Meador