Giving Back


At Cul2vate, there are two main goals: to grow food and to grow people. Their team completes the first part by growing fresh produce to distribute to known food deserts in Nashville. Cul2vate also helps people grow by providing them with a fresh start and a part-time job with skills training. Everyone at Cul2vate aims to break the cycle of poverty and give back to those less fortunate.

Cul2vate believes in the mandate of Matthew 25:35 and that it is our job to feed the hungry. The team at Cul2vate is encouraged to grow and improve their lives, while positively influencing those around them.

Advent chose to help Cul2vate and follow their example to give back. Males in the office spent a Saturday morning in June trading our laptops and design tools for tomato seeds and farming equipment. We spent hours helping the Cul2vate team plant tomato seeds that would eventually be given to those in need of fresh produce. We also spent some of our time that day setting up new trellises that would allow Cul2vate to grow even more fresh produce.