College Sports Facilities

Help Donors Catch Your Vision

Half the battle in development and fundraising is helping donors catch your vision. 

Once they can visualize where you’re headed, they are more likely to get on board. 

We worked with Athletic Director Bernard Muir and his staff at Stanford to create images they could take to donors and former student athletes that helped bring to life the story they wanted to tell. 


One of the stories that came to life in the football space we were helping to develop was the idea of The Stanford Man. 


Head Football Coach David Shaw said,  “One of my goals was when this was all done, someone could walk through this facility without me saying a word to them, and they would come away with exactly what I want them to come away with, which is who we are, how we do what we do. They would get an idea of who the Stanford man is and what the Stanford man can accomplish.”

And, The Stanford Man was born….


The Stanford Man display embodies all of the qualities of the ideal Stanford football player. The idea of the Stanford Man actually came to light during the StoryMining process. We were interviewing former Stanford football players and then current NFL players like Andrew Luck, Colby Fleener, among others. The idea of the Stanford Man is a player that personifies those qualities that Coach Shaw has defined as the ideal player, the ideal recruit, the ideal student athlete, refined, relentless, resilient, purpose, precision, passion, pride. 


The Stanford Man is actually the end of the recruit path. The recruit path begins on the lower level with the player entrance. You go to the locker room, and then you actually come up to the offices and then end in the lobby where this graphic is. The design for this was inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s, Vitruvian Man, which is the classic drawing based on the ideal human body proportions with the circle and the square using the geometry of the ancient architect Vitruvius. The idea was that the Vitruvian man is the iconic ideal, and the Stanford man is also ideal.

The graphic itself, the player’s photograph, evokes the Vitruvian man pose. Then the attributes appear as identifying labels. The graphic is printed in white directly to the substrate. So this gives a translucent feel, which enables you to see the grain of the laminate through the white.