Connect Fans to Sponsors

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s concourse at the Chesapeake Energy Arena is home to a Kids Zone space sponsored by Oklahoma Childrens’ Physicians. Game day traffic flow and wear-and-tear from crowds of young people took their toll, and the space didn’t add much value either to the Thunder or the sponsor.

As our team began to problem solve, we were inspired by the potential to merge the nature of the sponsor’s brand with the Thunder’s. Energized by vivid graphics, the renovated Kids Zone emphasizes children’s wellness and play to unite the values of both brands. A branded card on a lanyard, similar to a backstage pass, is given to visitors. On the back of this card is space for name, personal stats (height, weight, etc) and scores for 6 individual stations and reinforces client and sponsor brands.

Fans can actively shape the space through interactive screens and games—visitors compare their height, footprints and shooting stats to their favorite players, entering their hero’s world. Fans leave with lasting memories and a personal connection to the team and their sponsors.

The traffic flow problem was solved by individual challenge stations that can be visited in any order, plus clear entrance and egress.