FRA Hall of Fame

Connecting Generations

Franklin Road Academy, a K-12 private college preparatory school in Nashville, is rich with Southern athletic tradition. Prior to a 2020 renovation, their “Wall of Fame” was filled with plaques and trophies and space was at a premium. Their goal for a digital hall of fame was to create a “wow” factor for prospective students and to accommodate 50+ years of alumni history, while allowing for future notables to be incorporated. The Panthers wanted a special space for proud alumni to bring their families and share stories for generations to come.

Aspirational Yet Elegant

Like many college prep schools, FRA’s athletic facility serves multiple functions—a space to host events; a daily thoroughfare for students; the starting point for a campus tour. This factored heavily into their need to “de-clutter” their space, and thus their decision to go digital. Their request was for something aspirational and invigorating, yet elegant enough for welcoming newcomers. Mission accomplished.

Breaking Records

Records are made to be broken. So, being able to update stats quickly was an important component for FRA. With multiple girls’ and boys’ sports programs, the Panthers needed a system that was user friendly for their staff with little to no down time. The CMS was designed to easily upload images and text, and provide a variety of search variables according to sport, year, alumni name, etc.