Deeper Engagement

You’ve invested a lot of resources when designing your space. You want to captivate audiences when they visit your school or facility—eagerly exploring and fully immersed in the storytelling journey you’ve mapped out. Most of all, you want them to share their experiences. They already possess the technology to capture these moments, spending a significant portion of their time on their phones during their visits. 

Story Activation

Now, consider how you can further engage them and guide their journey. What if an app could recognize an image or an iconic display and instantly breathe life into that static image through captivating video or audio content? This transformative app would allow your mementos to come alive personally to them, seamlessly merging the physical and digital. You can enhance their experience by leveraging this technology, leaving a lasting impression, and forging a deeper connection. It’s Advent’s unique and innovative way to engage your audience through their phones, setting them on the immersive journey you want them on.

Customized Navigation

There are two ways to activate this device: using a QR code for immediate access or integrating it into your own app. Users can simply navigate to the corresponding function by layering it within your app. However, in order to drive behavior change, sometimes users need a gentle push or reminder. This is where the QR code becomes useful, serving as a prompt. Furthermore, if you can customize the audience journey based on segments, such as fans, VIPs, or sponsors, their experience can be tailored accordingly. Each segment will have a unique encounter.

24/7 Controlled Journey

On top of all of this, your audience can access this technology at any given moment, and it’s remarkably fast. YOUR brand. YOUR stories. YOUR journey. Additionally, YOU get access to tangible analytics and information on your audience’s experience. It is the epitome of enhanced activation.


We have redesigned the augmented reality app for Belmont to provide a more intuitive navigation experience. Now, it can effortlessly guide you through the interconnected maze of five buildings and across the Bruin’s campus. Instead of relying on GPS or cell towers, we have implemented digital scanning technology to create a detailed model of the buildings. You simply input the desired room through a customized interface, and the app utilizes your device’s camera to overlay a path for you to get there.

Imagine this technology being applied in arenas and ballparks, helping guests locate their seats, concessions, and restrooms. As a bonus, we have incorporated hidden surprises along the way, or easter eggs, such as an interactive element like the Belmont bear. While he may not physically exist in a building on campus, we bring him to life digitally to further tell the story of Belmont University. These are just a few of the exciting developments we are working on.