make fundraising work

When Fundraising REALLY Works

Donors are motivated by an emotional connection to projects that are deeply personal for them.

Often there are areas of overlap between your story and the story that a donor is trying to tell about themselves. And if we can help you find that overlap between their story and the story you’re trying to tell, we can celebrate your donors and help them define their legacy in a way that’s much more powerful than just putting their name on conference room number 210.

So what are the tools that we can provide to help you do that? 

First Advent has a process called Story Mining, which helps us get underneath what it is that makes you unique, what it is that makes people passionate about being a part of your community. As part of that story mining process, we often invite potential donors to tell us why in the past they’ve cared, why this place is meaningful to them. 

Second, as part of our normal process for illustrating how you can persuade and move audiences in your space, we create sketches, and those sketches can also reflect the story of a donor.

Third, Advent offers presentation preparation and training because we found this is often unfamiliar territory for foundation and fundraising teams. 

Last, Advent can create unique leave behinds that you put in the hands of these potential donors so that as they consider their involvement, they have a powerful reminder of what could be in this space.

Once we have the stories we’re trying to tell, we know how to bring those stories to life in your space through exhibits, digital experiences, or app based storytelling. We’ve been doing that work for decades and often our work more than pays for itself. We like to be on the income side of projects, not on the expense side.