Christian Rosdhal

Lead Technical Designer // “The Gatekeeper”

Not many elementary school kids take an interest in production documents. Young Christian Rosdhal did. As a child, he drew floor plans of his family’s house in South Florida. Now, he brings to Advent all those decades of expertise in showing where everything belongs and exactly how it’s supposed to get there.

Christian is Advent’s gatekeeper. Nearly every project passes through him on its way to the client. He draws and constructs production documents for use by the client and vendors. His documents show the final layout, including locations for installations and casework for construction.

Since he started here in 2014, he’s worked on nearly every job at Advent, including projects with the Dallas Cowboys, USC, Florida State, North Carolina and Louisiana Tech. However, he’s been most proud of his work on the TCU Hall of Fame, in which he developed Advent’s new process for simplified production and installation documents that better help the client visualize the final product.

Christian comes to Advent with a background in architecture, including an associate’s degree in computer drafting and bachelor’s in construction management. Before Advent, he worked for a metal panel fabricator designing panels for building exteriors for three years, worked on home remodels for one year and spent four years designing Chick-fil-A restaurants all over the eastern United States, which makes him one of the more popular members of Advent’s team.

A movie and TV buff, Christian also shares a love of soccer among other outdoor activities with his son, who may or may not be drawing up blueprints to the family home as we speak.