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Wisconsin Athletics’ direction is solid. They are steadfast in purpose, unwavering and firmly established. They are beer and cheese, not wine and cheese. Camp Randall needed something to encapsulate all of this. It needed to add value to something already as honorable as being a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers. It needed to facilitate an exciting, electric fan experience that runs parallel to the culture that Wisconsin is built on.

The South End-Zone fortifies all of that. It adds a personal touch from the top donors, down to the first-time fan. It puts the Wisconsin Athletics’ story front and center. The new end-zone premium spaces reinforce the history that has built this program, and appeals to the new and ever-growing Badger fan base.

The Challenge

  • Articulate Wisconsin successes within a space that gives context of the Badgers’ culture and values of humility.
  • Create moments of connection between fans and coaches/players, and to the state as a whole.
  • Facilitate an exciting and valuable environment to embrace the younger demographic of the Wisconsin fan base.

Jump Around! One of college football's most energetic tradition that has 80,000+ Badger fans shaking Camp Randall Stadium every Saturday in the fall. Since 1998, the song has been played before every 4th quarter except one...due to fear of breaking the stadium during a mid-season construction project.

The Process

  • Pilot comprehensive and extensive discussions that are driven by compassion to reinforce everything the Badgers represent. 
  • Abide by Wisconsin’s consistent approach, that built a tradition of excellence, in order to develop a space that delivers the same level of excellence.
  • Stand by the integrity of Wisconsin athletics and manufacture an environment that displays what it means to be a Wisconsin fan.

The Solution

  • A modern, triumphed-centered gathering place that exudes the humble and tough legacy of the Wisconsin Badgers. 
  • Ensure real, game time connection between fans and players through premier seating with first-class amenities that bleed red and white. 
  • Providing the Badgers fans with a South End-Zone section that allows for patrons to direct their own experience through retail facilities and interactive experiences.

Let’s build something meaningful together