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For Belmont University, the deep community is fueled by a commitment to service and the close relationships between faculty and students. Ensuring that students feel known and cared for is just a drop in the bucket of what makes Belmont unique. While the historical beauty of Belmont’s campus is a plus, the columns and manicured lawns may mask the university’s “modern” approach to transforming culture by equipping students with innovation and excellence. Belmont’s interdisciplinary approach is unique in that it encourages students and faculty to collaborate across fields of study. Leadership believes collaboration within the community is key.

The renovation of the new Jack C. Massey Center has proven its worth almost immediately. On the upper floors, a home to the 3D Initiative – Design, Discovery, Data – and state of the art collaborative spaces. It serves as a Welcome Center on the first floor with the new location of the bookstore and cafe. The space needed to bring the student life to the tour, and it does exactly that. Not only does it welcome potential new students and their families, it has become a study and hang out spot for current students. The Jack C. Massey Center doesn’t need to replicate what is happening on Belmont’s campus, it’s all happening there.


  • Deliver the Belmont experience into the Welcome Center and all of its facets.
  • Excite, engage, and promote collaboration in a community-centered space.
  • Transform the touring process with the foresight and knowledge of Belmont’s purpose.


  • Tailor our knowledge of Belmont in a way that respects how collaboration adds to the experience of potential and current students.
  • Discover the depths of the Belmont community to display its rich worth and purpose. 
  • Gain an understanding through intentional interviews of commitment that each stakeholder maintains to the Belmont mission.


  • A state of the art, purposefully driven center that utilizes interactive digital experiences that appeal to a younger demographic.
  • Ensure real, meaningful connection between admissions and prospective students to reinforce the importance of each individual.  
  • A home that represents a diverse spectrum of programs at Belmont and encourages past, current, and future students to fulfill their growth and legacy.

Let’s build something meaningful together