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The Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Honor at Arrowhead Stadium is first and foremost a celebration of the greatest moments and great players of one of football’s most storied franchises.

The Hall of Honor is also an opportunity to tell a story as only the Chiefs can. The vision of team founder Lamar Hunt transformed professional football and the American sports landscape. The NFL rejected Hunt’s bid for a team in the league, so Hunt created a new league — the American Football League. The AFL story is one of innovation of the sport, competition with the NFL, and finally the merger that made pro football a national spectacle.

Visitors to the Hall of Honor can explore the history of Hunt, the AFL, and the Chiefs franchise. The journey begins with Hunt’s handwritten and digitally annotated notes outlining the plans for the AFL. A wing of the Hall of Honor is a tribute to the Foolish Club, the nickname for the owners of the AFL who joked they were fools for taking on the NFL.

Additional exhibit space includes stories and artifacts of the league’s innovations — ranging from TV-friendly offenses and branding to a focus on scouting and signing diverse talent that accelerated the integration of the game. Eventually, the AFL and NFL could not function as rivals. They merged and hosted the first Super Bowl, creating a football league that involved every region of the country.

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the foundational franchises of professional football. Yet year after year, Chiefs fans display a zeal as if they are discovering the team anew. History and passion collide here like nowhere else in the NFL. The renovated Hall of Honor at Arrowhead stadium honors Chiefs tradition and reacts to fan exuberance.

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