Baseball Lounge
University of Kentucky

Reinvigorating the players' space


Gary Henderson, baseball coach at the University of Kentucky and 2012 SEC Coach of the Year, wanted to update the team lounge. Advent presented conceptual designs that highlighted the UK players in the MLB as well as concepts for window treatments and a similar statement piece for the lounge.

The final installation includes two multidimensional pieces custom-built with acrylic, aluminum, and wood and branded with their signature color, Kentucky Blue. Dimensional metallic logos, real baseball bats and baseballs, and other elements serve to show current and future athletes the success of the program and the stock of professional players the program boasts. The windows in the space were also branded for UK baseball with a simple vinyl logo treatment. With the success the team enjoyed in 2012, these displays are destined to grow. We’re okay with that. We know fans of the Wildcats will be too.

Let’s build something meaningful together