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One home for the Longhorns’ past, present and future

The Frank Denius Family University of Texas Athletics Hall of Fame sets the standard for all associated with the Longhorns — coaches, student-athletes, administrators, donors and more. Housed in the 27,713-square foot concourse of the North End Zone of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, the Hall of Fame collects history from all corners of campus into one location in a space that seamlessly blends digital experiences, updatable static displays and other storytelling elements.

The Mission

Two mantras guide every aspect of the Hall of Fame:
• The University of Texas winning tradition will not be entrusted to the timid or to the weak.
• A united Texas is a reckoning that can’t be stopped.
Through this experience, Texas tells a continuous story that connects its past to its future. A throughline connects the achievements from the dawn of the 20th-century to current teams and athletes. The story connects Longhorns from every background before and after their time in Austin.


The Mission

The Hall of Fame features themed storytelling spaces for championships, coaches, academic standouts, Olympians, traditions and more. Meanwhile, digital displays and selfie-friendly experiences allow fans an entry point into the tradition of Longhorns Athletics.
In a space open on both football game days and non-game days, the Hall of Fame allows foot traffic to move quickly through a branded experience. Meanwhile, viewers who want to get up close and personal with static and digital content can do so without disturbing primary walkpaths.


By the numbers

National Championship Trophies Displayed
Conference Championship Trophies
displayed on the trophy wall
First-Team All-American nameplates
Olympians named

Before & After


Winning with Integrity

At the time of the Hall of Fame project, Texas Athletics has been in a period of transition with a new athletic director and both men’s and women’s departments merged under one umbrella. This was a key time to reinforce a culture of winning with integrity, one of the core values uncovered during initial meetings. Each exhibit and display celebrates the history and people of Texas in a way that enhances the culture.

The Conference Championship Trophy Wall


Final words

It’s not just an archive. It needs to be an endless reflection that has the ability to change what the experience of student-athlete life is, and what we’re really preparing them to do. Somehow you want to convey, ‘You can be next.’

Chris Plonsky
Chief of Staff & Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director


Let’s build something meaningful together