Logo: Western Kentucky UniversityHonors College and International Center
Western Kentucky University

A Gateway to two impactful programs


For the WKU Honors College and International Center, Advent created a space that serves an array of cultures and yet highlights the shared experiences central to the program’s mission. The centerpiece is the Gateway to the World, a bronze globe encircled by a subtle background pattern that carries a theme through the entire experience. The dark wood gives the display a classic look, while wall displays featuring the individual experiences of students in the international and study abroad programs blend seamlessly with the architecture.

From the Gateway entrance, visitors can explore the breadth of these two programs. Elements in the hallways highlight current students in the study abroad program as well as WKU’s international “student diplomats”. The “Adventures of the Red Towel” display at the Passport Bistro reinforces the international experience and the WKU brand as students wave their red towels at locales across the world. The elements that personalize WKU’s programs carries into the Honors Suite where 12 prominent honors students are profiled. A wall of white dimensional lettering centered around the WKU cupola logo highlights the program’s core values.

Let’s build something meaningful together