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Advent’s Unique Relationship with Fanatics

Designing for a Successful Sports Brand

Advent’s relationship with Fanatics, a global sports merchandise and e-commerce company, is a unique side of Advent’s services that have flourished in cooperation with the major brand. Advent started its work with Fanatics through a working relationship between two leaders in design at both companies. We have since collaborated with the company on various projects, creating a strong and creative bond. Our partnership not only involves designing and branding multiple Fanatics locations across the globe, but also encompasses establishing a streamlined process that ensures consistency and success in execution.

Creating Brand Guidelines for Fanatics:
One of the initial tasks involved creating comprehensive brand guidelines for Fanatics which enabled consistency in signage and branding across many of their corporate facilities. These guidelines were aimed at fostering consumer goods consistency and ease of execution. Advent also worked on individual locations, considering their unique identities and incorporating existing assets into the design. It was vital to bring these locations into the Fanatics family while honoring their legacies and cultures.

Streamlining the Design and Installation Process:
As Fanatics expanded rapidly, acquiring numerous companies worldwide, Advent worked with Fanatics to establish an efficient process for updating these locations. This involved gathering detailed information on each location, such as company division, address, size, and specific needs. Advent created a tracker to collaborate with Fanatics, ensuring transparency and effective communication throughout the design and installation phases. From fabricating stateside to partnering with shipping companies, Advent handled the logistics of delivering and installing signage and branding elements in various international locations.

Beyond Design and Installation:
Advent’s collaboration with Fanatics extends far beyond designing and installing branding elements. The team has had the opportunity to help Fanatics maintain its brand messaging and communication consistently across hundreds of locations worldwide. By establishing a visual lexicon and providing ongoing support, Advent helps Fanatics achieve a level of organization and brand cohesion that would be challenging to attain individually. Additionally, our quick turnarounds and reliable success have led to continued work with the Fanatics team.

Expanding Reach and Success:
Advent’s dedication to excellence has led to impressive results for Fanatics. While they have already completed five locations, Advent has contracts signed, executed, or in process for many other Fanatics locations. These spaces range from co-workspaces to warehouse fulfillment centers, catering to Fanatics’ diverse operations. We have also adapted our approach to accommodate the unique needs of acquisitions and temporary locations, seamlessly incorporating the points’ brand into the Fanatics family.

Cultural Alignment and Future Prospects:
Our commitment to understanding Fanatics’ culture and customer base has played a pivotal role in their success. The shared passion for sports between the two companieSs has enabled Advent to resonate with Fanatics’ target audiences effectively. The integration of colorful and dynamic design elements has brought enthusiasm and energy to Fanatics’ offices, reflecting the company’s vibrant culture. This cultural alignment has fostered a fruitful partnership, allowing Advent to cater to the needs of their sports-oriented clients.

Advent’s unique relationship with Fanatics showcases their ability to meet the diverse needs of a wildly successful sports merchandise company. Through comprehensive brand guidelines, streamlined processes, and a deep understanding of Fanatics’ culture, Advent has contributed to the organization’s success and expansion. Their ongoing collaboration continues to bring innovative design solutions to Fanatics’ locations worldwide, ensuring consistency in brand messaging and facilitating engaging customer experiences.