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Bringing history to life

Stanford University is a unique place because despite all of its success, it prides itself on humility. The story of the Cardinal is not about all of its accomplishments on its own, but about the way in which its student-athletes achieved those heights.

Humbly paying homage to more than 126 years of rich history, numerous championships, olympic athletes and trailblazers was a difficult task. Stanford University needed much more than a room packed with NCAA trophies, directors‘ cups and memorabilia.

We were tasked with translating that success in a way representative of those who put on a uniform for Stanford Athletics.

The Mission

The Cardinal needed a living space to reflect the work ethic, commitment and scholarship that define Stanford Athletics—an environment that showed the breadth of the achievements and told the story of each person.


A place for inspiration

The 18,000 square-foot Home of Champions tells the Stanford Athletics story through areas dedicated to the student-athlete journey: the hours put into training and study, the firsthand stories of student-athletes and alumni and the multitude of sports innovations born on The Farm.
The cutting-edge, interactive table invites visitors to place printed books of student-athlete rosters on a touch-controlled surface to activate photos, stories and more.


Stanford home of champions interactive hall of fame table

The right interactive elements can bring the past to life, connect today’s communities and give us a peek into the future.

Stanford athletes in 10 custom books
individual athletes and coaches featured
Hours of high-definition 4k video
Years chronicled

Before & After

A comparison of the initial sketch to completion


Diving Deeper

The concrete, exposed ceiling, raw black metal finishes and technology used throughout are inspired by the local redwood forest, tech culture and “workmanlike” Stanford attitude. In the same way that scholar-athletes are multi-faceted, the space feels rugged and honest, yet sophisticated.

The David Shaw Exhibit


Let’s build something meaningful together