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Championship Culture

On the heels of their second national championship in three years, Villanova debuted extensive renovations to the Finneran Pavilion. The space needed to honor a long Wildcats legacy and create an unforgettable gameday experience for players, students, staff and alumni.

The Mission: Leaving a Legacy

Villanova transformed Finneran Pavilion into an elite training ground and a dream destination for recruits. The 360-degree concourse celebrates the Wildcats impressive history with a Villanova Hall of Fame, NBA draft picks wall, a moments of greatness display, and key numerology, all with room for expansion.

Renovations take the fan experience to the next level with enhanced amenities and cutting-edge technology. Outside the pavilion, a plaza for pre- and post-game activities builds excitement before tip-off. Innovative touchscreens and interactive displays create new ways for fans to explore the program’s story.


We Play for Those Who Came Before Us.

Team. Family. Pride. Those mantras are central to the Villanova student-athlete experience. Respect for and knowledge of the history of the program are differentiators for Villanova. Most programs celebrate great seasons and great alumni. Villanova considers them to be part of the fabric of the current student-athlete experience.
Through the hallways from the locker rooms to the court, student-athletes are enveloped by this sense of history dating back to the 1940s also including players still involved with the program.


Storytelling and design

Storytelling and design throughout the Finneran Pavilion positions Villanova as an unmatched and differentiated basketball power on the national scene.

Names of Villanova Athletic Hall of Fame inductees in the digital experience
Big East championship and NCAA Final Four and championship rings displayed in the Hall of Fame trophy case
New banners celebrating Wildcats men’s and women’s national and conference achievements hanging from the renovated rafters
65-inch digital displays in the concourse ring allowing Villanova to customize the space to highlight appropriate legends for different events

Before & After

Historic Transformation


Final words

Finneran Pavilion becomes our front doorstep, so we had to create a major Division 1 experience.

Mark Jackson

Let’s build something meaningful together