Inspiring Fan Engagement

Creating Iconic Moments to Inspire Fan Engagement

The Dallas Cowboys have honored their greatest players in the Ring of Honor for more than 40 years, and they looked to Advent to enhance this tradition at their 91-acre headquarters, The Star. Advent designers found a new way to honor the greats while engaging sponsors and energizing fans. The Ring of Honor Walk puts 21 Cowboys legends quite literally at fans’ fingertips.

The walk features individual displays for the honorees, each including career stats and anchored by a monumental touchstone — that player’s number in bright metal and Cowboys blue. From Bob Lilly to Darren Woodson, every Ring of Honor player boasts his own Instagramable moment. As with the rest of The Star, Advent collaborated with the Cowboys to find moments where sponsor stories and team stories intersect. With the motto, “one of a kind,” Dr. Pepper fits well with a space honoring the individuals who define Dallas Cowboys excellence.