About us

Who we are

We’re obsessively devoted
to moving people


These five values, all ‘I will be’ statements, were chosen from the characteristics our team exemplifies each day. They are the standards we hold ourselves to.

I will be…

1. Clutch

I come through in crucial situations. I respond confidently to adversity and challenges. I Get.Stuff.Done.

2. Relationally Intelligent

I care about how others think, feel and act— and adjust my actions accordingly. I am empathetic.

3. Upbeat

I come to work through choice not necessity and act in a way that is appropriate to the environment. I will choose my attitude. I will be genuinely friendly and optimistic.

4. Selfless

I am humble, yet direct and accountable. I put the team and the customer first.

5. Creative Problem Solver

I find innovative yet effective ways to overcome difficult situations. i am resourceful and agile.

We are creative thinkers, problem solvers, and challenge seekers. We create experiences that will move your audience.

Our team is a quirky group of folks and talents—we’re architects, falconers, sketch artists, 3-D modelers, musicians, MBA’s, marketing strategists, cheerleaders, typophiles, contractors, craftspeople, project managers, mathematicians, meat smokers, photographers, reporters, aerial silkists, writers, actors, moms and dads. We snack a lot. We like cookie Thursday, potlucks, food trucks, all kinds of music, gifs, campy films and giving back to our community.

Our People

Read the stories of the people of Advent. Or just put a face with the person you’ve been emailing with.

Helping others

Giving Back

we aim to make an impact, and not just for our clients.


Clean Water: Experiences That Move People In Need

Advent creates experiences that move people. It’s our purpose statement. We say it all the time.


At Cul2vate, there are two main goals: to grow food and to grow people.

Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms has been healing, empowering and employing women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction for more than 20 years.

Advent and 2017 MLK Day of Service

Less than two miles from Advent’s office, great things are about to happen.

2017 Living Water Project

Each year, all of our clients play major roles in enriching communities in ways that go beyond serving students, athletes, fans and customers.

Advent Diaper Wrap — No Child Wet Behind

Advent recently enjoyed a summer cookout with our President and CEO on the grill and a blow-up velcro wall in the parking lot.


Every year, we invite our customers to take part in serving communities across the globe who lack the resources many of us take for granted each day.

Cole Elementary School

Cole Elementary, a Nashville area school with an extremely diverse population, serves 825 students that represent 20 different countries and speak 16 different languages.


At the end of 2011, John Roberson and Todd Austin came to the Advent team with an idea.

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

One way our employees have been giving back is through a local school in Nashville, TN.

Fannie Battle Day Home for Children Joins Advent for first SEE615 Project

For more than 125 years, the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children has provided invaluable care for children and families facing economic and educational hardship.